Every winter about one hundred
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Every winter about one hundred swans come and stay
at the lake near my house. My grandfather gets up
very early every morning and goes to the lake. He
takes some food for the swans.
On the way people in town say to him,“How are your
swans ?”
He says,“They're fine, but they aren't mine.They're

This morning I also got up early and had a quick
breakfast. I went to the lake with my grandfather.
Many swans came and ate the food. We stayed for
about two hours. Then some swans flew away. “They're
going back north,” my grandfather said.
“See you again, swans!”I shouted.
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What are these ?
They're tadpoles. I was a tadpole last week.
I'm a flog now.
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What are those ?
They're chicks.
They weren't chicks last week.

What were they ?
They were eggs.
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This spring I visited my uncle in Singapore.
Singapore is an interesting country. Several different
ethnic groups live there. They all have different
customs. For example, they have four New Year's
Days at different times of the year-one for the
Chinese, one for the Malays and so on.

One day, I visited my uncle's office. Japanese,
Chinese, Malays and others were working together.
They were all speaking English. English is their
common language. It's very useful in a country like
Singapore. From the age of six, children learn it at
school. They also study their native language-
Chinese, Malay or Tamil.
People in Singapore have different cultures, but they
live together well.
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What are these ?
They're tadpoles. I was a tadpole last week.
I'm a frog now.
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“We're going to cross the Golden Gate Bridge,”Mr.
Green said.
 Yuki saw the bridge. It was beautiful against the
blue sky.
 “But it's red. Why do you call it the Golden Gate
Bridge ?” she asked.
“Well, this place was a gateway to the gold mines in
the nineteenth century.”
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This is Junko.
Today is her birthday.
She's one year old.

She smiles when she's

She cries when she's hungry.
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This is Koro.
He's Junko's friend.
He's two months old.

He wags his tail when he's

He barkes when he's hungry.

What do you do when you're happy ?
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Pete and the Orange Men

No one saw the big spaceship over the Browns' house.
No one saw the little orange men.
Only pete saw them.
It was a hot and quiet night.
Pete sat in the yard with the family cat.
He was listening to the sounds of the night.
Then hi saw it. A light in the sky.
It was like a very big star. It was coming toward him.
He closed his eyes.
When pete opened his eyes, he saw a big, strange ship in front of him.
Then little orange men came out!
Six little orange men with six big bags.
Pete was really scared.
He could not run into the house because he could not move.
He could not call his familly because he could not speak.
The orange men put their bags on the ground and spoke to Pete.
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Then he saw it. A light in the sky.
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“Hello !” said one orange man. “We brought some nice gifts from our planetto your planet. Please take them.”
Pete saw some bright things in the bags.
His mouth opened, but no sound came out.
The six orange men were a little said.
“You don't talk with us. You don't take our gifts,”
said the orange men .
“Let's take them to another planet,”
said another. “Let's find a friedly
The six little orange men walked back to the ship.
Then the ship went up into the sky and disappered.
Suddenly Pete could move again.
He ran to his house and woke his family and neighbors.
They all came out.
“What's the matter, Pete ?” asked the neighbors.
“What's the matter, Pete ?” everyone asked.
But Pete just stood there with his tail between his legs.
Then he barked, and barked, and barked.
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